international schools for expats in Paris

Do you have plans to move to Paris with your family and look for an international or bilingual school? Paris and its suburbs are full of schools, colleges and high schools that welcome children of all ages. The subject of the school is far from easy especially when we move to a city we do not know. Moreover, choosing an international or bilingual school is a great way to help your children adapt smoothly to their new life and to the French education system. That’s why we want to help you by offering you a list of the best international and bilingual schools in Paris.

International School of Paris (ISP)

This private school is located in the 16th district of Paris and welcomes children from 3 to 18 years, from kindergarten to high school. The taught program is in English (assistance in 20 additional languages).

The primary school is at 96 bis, rue du Ranelagh, Paris 16
Metro access: Ranelagh (M6)
As for the secondary school, it is located at 6 rue Beethoven, Paris 16
Metro access: Passy (M6) and Trocadéro (M6 and 9)
His website:

Cours Molière

Private bilingual school of the 12th district of Paris, Cours Molière has classes from kindergarten to high school. Chinese classes are offered for all students.

His address: 4 boulevard Soult, Paris 12
Metro access: Golden Gate (M8)
Website :

International Bilingual School (EIB)

This school has 6 institutions in Paris and its suburbs. Do your children have to learn French fast? The EIB offers immersion courses in French. These schools are a great way to prepare your children for French or foreign universities. You can find details on each school by clicking here.

EIB Lamartine (nursery and primary): 123 Rue de la Pompe – Paris 16

EIB Monceau (nursery, primary and immersion): 6 avenue Van Dyck – Paris 8

EIB Monceau College: 16, rue Margueritte – Paris 17 Lycée

EIB Etoile: 9, rue Villaret de Joyeuse – Paris 17

EIB – The Victor Hugo School (Kindergarten to High School) 23, rue de Kronstadt – Paris 15

EIB de la Jonchère (kindergarten, primary and secondary school) Sente de Bournival 78170 La Celle-Saint Cloud

College and Lycée Honoré de Balzac

Near the Porte de Clichy, in the 17th arrondissement, it is the only college and public high school in Paris that is bilingual! Whether your children speak English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Italian, they will be able to take classes in their native language, although the majority of courses are still taught in French.

It is located at 118, boulevard Bessières, Paris 17
Metro access: Porte de Clichy (M13)


This bilingual school located in the heart of the 16th district of Paris is open at the nursery, primary and secondary levels. It offers French, English, German or Spanish courses.

Address of the nursery and primary school: 5, rue de Lūbeck – Paris 16
Metro access: Jena (M9)
Address of the high school: 34, avenue des Champs-Élysées – Paris 8
Metro access: Franklin. D. Roosevelt (M9)
More information on their website:

Lennen Bilingual School

This school in the 7th district of Paris teaches classes in French and English to kindergarten and primary school children.

Address of the primary school: 176, Rue de Grenelle – Paris 7
Metro access: La Tour Maubourg (M8)
Their website:

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