You have just moved to Paris and you have not yet visited all the essential places of this magnificent city. Montmartre has often been filmed, so we know all its cobbled streets, its breathtaking basilica, its painters and its bistros, of course. But to go there, to walk, to climb your stairs, to admire the view … to live in Paris is to live unique moments like these. Consequently, we could not overlook Montmartre. Admittedly, this small village is a bit cliché, but it is so charming. Here is a guided tour of this neighborhood that takes you on a journey.

The Sacré Coeur Basilica

Built at the end of the 19th century, the Sacré-Coeur basilica is in the Romano-Byzantine style, its architecture contrasts with the churches of the Middle Ages. Then, its construction started on June 16, 1875 and was completed on October 16, 1919. So we can clearly say that it is a real masterpiece of beauty. The basilica is accessible by funicular from St. Peter’s Square or on foot for the more courageous. Besides, you can see it from all points high up in Paris. Whatever happens, you will not be disappointed with the breathtaking view of all of Paris.

Divine wine ?

When you live in a big city like Paris, you often look for corners of nature to breathe and take a break. Walking around Montmartre can indeed be a good breath of fresh air and allow you to discover something rare in a big city … vineyards! Planted in 1930 north of the hill, they are the symbol of the rural district in the capital. Clos Montmartre wine is tasted in October during the Montmartre Harvest Festival. A festive moment with many activities and recently concerts.

The mills of Montmartre

Montmartre hosted at the time no less than 13 mills. They had several missions: to grind the wheat or the grapes, plaster, pebbles and also the bulbs of Iris or pepper. It was called mill hill. The mills have been a big source of inspiration for singers and painters, you could say that they have left their mark.

A place that inspires artists

Montmartre has seen many famous artists from around the world pass by: Picasso, Miró, Manet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh, Renoir. When you stroll through its cobbled streets, you can only be touched by this cultural past. In addition, many designers or caricaturists can immortalize your visit and draw your portrait.

To sum up, visiting Montmartre is feeling a lot of emotions! It is certain that it will not leave you indifferent. You will take with you a part of the history of Paris. If you want to read everything you need to know that you are expatriated in Paris, find all of our articles on the blog of the Paris Relocation Service agency.