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When moving to another country you might need assistance to deal in procedures with more than finding a nice apartment. In order to make your integration into French society as smooth as possible, Paris Relocation Service offers several additional services:

Temporary housing

We can help in finding temporary accommodation either in a hotel or a furnished apartment with all facilities you need during your first days in Paris, while we are looking for your permanent accommodation.

School enrollment

Finding the best schools for the children may be one of your greater concerns. We can give you in-depth advice on the most suitable and appropriate schools depending on the nationality and age of the children. In addition, we can help set-up appointments with the schools and accompany you and your family to any meetings.

Concierge services

We can help you with your home when you are away from home or when you are too busy to attend when you have guests staying. We can prepare your home before and after your arrival or thus of your guests, cleaning, change of linen and make the beds. We will make sure that everything is in good working order and if need be, have the appropriate workmen coming by for smaller repairs or adjustments. Make sure that all your internet connections and televisions are in good working order. We can pick up your post and attend to it.

Help line

On going services/Help line
We will assist you to solve everyday problems such as finding English speaking paramedical and medical professionals, veterinarians etc. If a technical problem occurs concerning your home, we can also find you plumbers, electricians, handymen or whomever might make you smile again !


Departure from Paris

Departure arrangements
We organize and assist at the move-out inspection/inventory. We cancel all subscriptions related to the apartment. We also advice and inform you what needs to be done in your apartment before your departure in order to get your entire deposit back.


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