PRS team

What do we do ?

Paris Relocation Service carefully examines the different angles of relocating, establishing the expatriate’s criteria. We cover all the specifics of renting in the Paris area, property logistics, markets and prices, area orientation, family requirements, children’s schooling, transport etc.
We also give an introduction to what Parisian life is like and what can be found here. We give information about the terms and conditions for renting a property in France. It is vital to be aware of all the procedures and formalities beforehand, to minimise unnecessary problems or delays.

Why do you need us ?

It takes a lot of time and energy to find the right accommodation in the best location. Relocating on your own can be a burden, resulting in unexpectedly high costs for the company, as well as causing unnecessary stress and inconvenience for the expatriate and her/his family. The productivity and efficiency of your employee is full of risks during this transitory period. Can you really afford to do it all by yourselves ? Relocation is about people and we make sure that your employees and their family are looked after and represented in the best possible way. We spend the time. We do the searching. We ask the questions and look for the answers. We have the knowledge. We understand the languages and cultures involved. We listen. We negotiate. We advise. We get results. We are serious, devoted and we care.