Viktor the poet

Yesterday in China,
There was a big trauma:
A disease appeared
And created a big fear.

Everyone started to be sick,
And that was a dramatic kick..

Because this virus is invisible,
To him we are blind,
We thought it was impossible,
But, no, Europe, was a find!

Today in France,
We are in containment.
This is no dance,
As the town is silent.

What the government thinks,
It’s maybe just jinx:
Either we can sleep on both ears,
Or all is no joy and cheers.

Everything we know about this contagion,
You just have to pay attention.

Tomorrow, we don't know if everything will be reassuring,
Or if the weather will have lots of springs,
But the second proposition,

Preventing it from happening is our mission.

Because of the Corona, you can't go out of your house, ah, ah.
Because of the virus, we can't take the bus.
This disease, is more then a tease.
Because of this poison, we are all in isolation.

Everything I say in this poem,
It’s not a cheerful anthem,
But all these words, all this punctuation,
Are only the fruit of my imagination.

Viktor Teisserenc-Bonestève