For a private lease

In order for us to assist you with your relocation process you need to be employed by a company or an organization registered in France.

The basic documents you need to provide in order to rent an apartment/house in Paris/Suburbs are as below, although the owner could ask for additional information.

Copy of your:

  • Passport or ID card
  • 3 last salary slips (even if it is from your previous employer)
  • Work certificate from your employer in France
  • French bank details (we can help to open an account in France)
  • 3 last proof of payment of your present home, or some document proving you are the owner of your present
  • Last year’s proof of payment of your income tax return (if you are liable to pay income tax)

And also :

  • You must have finished your probation period.
  • You need to earn the equivalent of 3 times net (of social charges) the amount of the rent.

However, if this is not the case but:

  • your company is willing to be your guarantor
  • or you have a guarantor in France who must earn 4-5 times the amount of the rent
  • or if you can set up a bank guarantee of at least one year’s rent in a closed bank account in France
  • or get a guarantee from one of the private companies which offer you to be a guarantor for a fee, like Garantme.

For a company lease

These are the basic documents the owner will ask for but he could ask for additional information:

  • K-bis , the company’s registration certificate (less than 3 month’s old)
  • Last two annual reports
  • The power of attorney for the signatory of the lease
  • Copy of the signatory’s passport or ID card
  • IBAN Bank details

Our relocation support missions include as follow:

Property search mission includes

Advice and information about the rental market
Research and selection of apartments/houses
Visits during one day of the selected properties
Send in the reservation for the chosen property
Negotiation of the terms, if possible
Verifying the lease and the payments to be made
Organization of the signature of the lease
End of mission

Complete mission

includes all services of a property search missions


Advice and proposition of an insurance company for the mandatory home insurance
Advice and organisation of opening a bank account
Organization and assistance during the move-in inspection/inventory
Arrangements for all the subscriptions to be connected such as the electricity, gas, water, maintenance contracts and internet

Necessary steps for enrolling the children in school

Advice, information and guidance about different schools
Assistance in arranging appointments with international schools (maximum 3).

Assistance with official formalities

Residence card
Work permit
Subscription to the social security

Departure services

Advice and organization of the move-out
Assistance and presence during the inspection/inventory
A pre-visit if required

To note:

  • The real estate agency commission is totally independent from our fees.

  • All missions started are due.

  • 50% down payment is requested upon signature of our Agreement


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